Welcome To Our New Online Store!

We are delighted to have started trading online giving you everything you need with just a few clicks, delivered straight to your workplace or home. Here at Empire we strive to give our clients the utmost satisfaction and assurance that they are dealing with a business you can trust. We like to keep things simple […]

Why should we be using Anti-Fatigue Mats in work?

Have you ever seen anyone using anti-fatigue mats in work? Chances are if you work in a big company you have. They’re not just limited to the large corporations though. They’re becoming increasingly popular in all offices, wether it’s a 50 person open plan office, or just you and your laptop. Here we examine why, […]

Keep Fit And Healthy With Empire!

Now you can keep active while in the job with our brand new Active Range! We all know how tough it can be sitting at your desk for hours on end, counting down the minutes to lunch to get out and move around only to be be left sitting back down mentally fatigued. When we […]